Join The Fire – 2023!

Join The Fire – 2023!

Sunshine Coast FC are accepting expressions of interest for the 2023 season

Sunshine Coast FC are currently the ONLY club in Australia that boasts it’s own Full-Time Academy based at it’s partner school Peregian Beach College.

With the club offering an unrivalled player services program, which includes but not limited to weekly State of the Art Sports Science monitoring with our own Full-Time Associate Professor Bruno Pena Couto which includes Muscle Thermo Imagery, VEO performance / game analysis program, Polar tracking / Heart rate variability testing to name but a few.

Due to the unique nature of how the club operates and its high retention rates, Sunshine Coast FC will only have limited positions in every age group, and as such we encourage applicants to make your application early to avoid disappointment.

PLEASE NOTE: A player making an application to Sunshine Coast FC to trial for 2023 doesn’t have to attend Peregian Beach College and attend the Full-Time Academy.

We are now taking EOI’s in the following age categories:

U9 Boys 2023 (players born 2014)
U10 Boys 2023 (players born 2013)
U11 Boys 2023 (players born 2012)
U12  Boys 2023 (players born 2011)
U12 Girls 2023 (players born 2011)
U13 Boys 2023 (players born 2010)
U14 Boys 2023 (players born 2009)
U14 Girls 2023  (player born 2009 / 2010)
U15 Boys 2023 (players born 2008)
U16 Boys 2023 (players born 2007)
U16 Girls 2023 (players born 2008 / 2007)
U18 Boys 2023 (players born 2006 & 2005)
U23 Youth Men 2023
U23 Youth Women 2023

Please follow the link to the online application form, a member of our Technical Team will be in contact with all applicants parents / guardians in due course . 

All players will be offered an opportunity to explore our Full-Time Academy in Peregian Beach, however, this is not a condition nor compulsory for our players and or trial player process..

Online Link :