Club Philosophy


Mission Statement & Goals

It is the principal objective of Sunshine Coast FC Pty Ltd to create a football club, which is:

  • fully professional in all aspects of its operations;
  • committed to the development and advancement of all of its players and staff;
  • to provide the best quality football entertainment possible at the best value for money possible;
  • innovative and flexible in its coaching and management practices;
  • to strive to encourage and develop programs, services and activities targeted at all levels from novice to the elite, which foster safe and ethical participation in amateur and semi-professional football;
  • to deliver quality and value for money football tourism based services.


Values & Ethics

Sunshine Coast FC believes in and promotes the following values:

  • Pursuing excellence;
  • Encouraging sportsmanship and ethical participation;
  • Achieving equity and fairness;
  • Anti-discrimination in both gender and ethnicity.
  • Fostering a fun and safe environment;
  • Practising responsibility and accountability;
  • Promote and serve the greater good of the game of football.