Message From Our Technical Director

Message From Our Technical Director

To All SCFC Club Members,

I know I sent you all an update early last week, but as a club we feel it’s important to keep everyone up to speed with communications.

As you are well aware, All sanctioned training and playing is still suspended by FFA / FQ, I understand why they have taken the measures they have, although I will leave it at that.

From a club operational point of view, myself and the other full-time staff members continue to work on a daily basis and prepare for the commencement of training and continuation of the current season which is still advised by FFA / FQ as 14th April 2020, some may say this is a little ambitious but I firmly believe the current season will be extended to a full and proper conclusion in 2020.

I understand some families may well be affected by the measures that have been put into place, and I know I keep harping on about culture and togetherness, but in every age group I feel we have a strong enough collective bond that if someone is struggling, we should all pull together and assist where possible. I urge every age group to keep open and clear channels of communication and if anyone is in need, we should as a collective group assist each other wherever possible.

I myself would be willing to assist in a voluntary basis on a weekend or evening in this period, if anyone needed some practical assistance or manual hands to help through a tough period I am happy to help.

Myself and the technical staff are currently working though some technical / tactical aids in which should keep our players stimulated through this period.

I thank each and every one of you for your continued support and patience, as we work towards coming out of the other side of the challenging period.